120% LINO

The brand, in keeping with its name, represents loyalty to the natural material — linen. The company has changed the image of linen as a loomstate and non-aesthetic goods due to continuous experiments with the material composition: they examined its physical characteristics and a response to washing, ironing, wearing and other coercions. As a result, the brand has achieved fantastic results and has made us see linen in a new light.

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The very first collections were created in the 80's by Alberto Peretto who thought for the first time about how to make the texture of linen softer yet strong. At present time all the goods are made of pure linen or combined with silk or cashmere, often decorated with embroidery or prints. The coloring is done strictly manually. Apart from collections for men, women, and children, the brand produces bed linen, house clothes and accessories, air and textile fresheners. Moreover in Italy 120% LINO is the leader of linen segment of the market. The brand's collections are calm, multipurpose, and extremely wearable; focused on the textile which is complemented by modern design.

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