ALBERTO GUARDIANI is the italian shoe brand established in 1940 on the initiative of the two brothers, Luigi and Dino Guardiani. Initially, their manufacture used to be called 'CENTAURO', the name was inspired by the ancient greek mythology. The golden age of the family business fell on the period after the management had been taken over by Dino's son, Alberto Guardiani. He was first to introduce a special approach to the shoe production: before the launch every model was to be examined in detail and worked out.

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The first men's line was commended for its excellent quality characteristics and fashionable design. In the 90's the existing assortment was expanded with the women's line. The shoes by 'ALBERTO GUARDIANI' are favoured by the stylish and glamourous women, who long for standing out from the crowd and insisting on being the first in everything. Later on there appeared the extra comfortable line 'ALBERTO GUARDIANI SPORT' and two other new lines: 'BLUE AGAIN' and 'LOW TIDE'. All the shoe models by 'ALBERTO GUARDIANI' are made of the exclusively qualitative and carefully worked out leather in diverse colour scheme. The bold design is not alien to the brand as well – for example, the famous fashionable shoes with heels in the form of the lipstick are the creation of Alberto Guardiani's designers.

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