This russian brand has rapidly gained recognition in Russia as well as in the world capitals. The brand's founder Anastasia Romantsova appeals to the russian authentic culture, which nowadays is being ousted by the ultramodern trends. She regenerates interest towards the national customs and values, to the cultural heritage and revives the traditions of the handiwork craftsmanship.

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The orenburg shawl, the st. Andrew's flag (the russian navy ensign), snowflakes, straw, the estates of the russian nobility, te empire style, dandelions and birches – all these attributes of russia are successfully used by the designer in her collections. The exquisite elegant cut is typical of the brand's every set, whether it be a walking dress or a refined evening attire. Nevertheless, the garments by romantsova do not resemble the replicas of the vintage or antique articles at all. They are meant for the modern women and meet her demands in quality, comfort and beauty. The secrets of the old craftsmanship are delicately combined with the classic cut lines, the contemporary forms and motifs. Hence, there appears not only mere clothing, but the total looks: graceful, elegant and at the same time cheerful. Anastasia Romantsova enthusiastically makes sketches, selects the fabrics, searches for the inspiration in the literature and cinema. The demand for the brand's items has already exceeded the supply, and every single public appearance of Anastasia Romantsova herself dressed in the brand's full-length gowns is in its own way a masterpiece.

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