The shoe brand 'AGL' was founded by Piero Giusti  in 1955 in a small italian town Montegranaro. Nowadays the company is headed by the founder's granddaughters Sara, Vera and Marianna Giusti. The good taste, the striving for individuality and the austere design have been unchanged during the decades of the brand's history and 'AGL' still remains the source of innovation in the field of footwear production.

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The shoes by 'AGL' are always bold and a bit tomboyish. The sisters try to juxtapose the opposites through the mix of elegance and casual. The contrast of femininity, androgyny and the elements of the men's style can be traced almost in all models. 'AGL' pays great attention to eco-friendly production: it uses recyclable materials and the manufactory is supplied with energy from the solar panels. 'AGL' produces the footwear of the best natural leather that comes from the oldest tuscan leather factories. The leather is tanned and dyed manually, without any toxic dyes. The soles are made of the materials of the natural origin, such as rubber, hard leather and cork. The shoe accessories are made of the nickel-free metals, so that they are hypoallergenic. The secret of the footwear by 'AGL' lies in its peculiar insoles made of the extra soft leather.

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