The italian shoe brand ‘ALDO BRUE’ started as the family business of the Brue brothers, Aldo and Mario, in 1946. In the 60’s they managed to enter the european market and then to gain the global recognition. Particularly in 1968 the brand launched large-scale production and started cooperation with such brands as 'LES COPAINS', ‘GIORGIO CORREGIARI’, ‘GIVENCHY’ and ‘BALENCIAGA’.

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By the 70’s the articles by ‘ALDO BRUE’ had been being sold in Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. In the 90’s the company launched the casual footwear line ‘Attiva by ALDO BRUE’. In 1984 ‘ALDO’ was awarded 'SCARPINA D'ORO’ medal for the faultless quality of the produced articles. Nowadays ‘ALDO BRUE’ is not only the premium footwear, but also the line of the high quality accessories, such as bags, belts, purses, gloves and other leather articles. Each collection by ‘ALDO BRUE’ is unique. The italian designers are very demanding as regards the selection of materials and the shoe modeling, they use the latest technologies as well. The footwear by 'ALDO BRUE’ has several distinctive features: the shoes are perforated, so that they are well ventilated; secondly, all footwear is lightweight due to the soles made of the foamy material. The comfortable last is also an advantage of the shoes by 'ALDO BRUE’. The modern designs in combination with the classic traditions contribute the style by 'ALDO BRUE’. Due to its premium status this footwear is popular among politicians, businessmen and businesswomen, as well as the celebrities.

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