Amanda Wakeley brand is on the critical importance list even of the British Royal Family members. Amanda is one of the English style setters, acknowledged and top-ranked in her country. In 2010 she was honored by Order of the British Empire in recognition of the industry and moreover, she is three-time British Fashion Awards laureate.

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Wakeley's clothes and accessories were worn by British Prime Minister Teresa May, Princess Diana, Duchess of Cambridge Keith, Queen Rania of Jordan, Hollywood divas Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Helen Mirren, Keith Winslet, Florence Welch, Demi Moore and Beyoncé. Amanda Wakeley's wear is created for the best ceremonies — so elegant and stylish, it turns any girl or woman into a real star, notably Amanda turns all her ideas into reality only through materials and cutting. There are formal trouser suits as well as tempting cocktail dresses among the products, however, the general concept is always the same — freedom and comfort combined with elegance and grace.

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