Italian brand Andrea Campagna appeared thanks to Gianni Andrea Campania, son of successor famous tailor. It is based on traditional values ​​of sartorial craftsmanship: hand-cut and hand-tailoring.

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So far, despite the popularity and an impressive waiting list, the brand philosophy has not changed, and all the products made mainly by hand. Just attach a lot of effort and using handmade, you can make the perfect, exclusive suit, which has not analogues. Among the customers are Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Jack Nicholson, Pierce Brosnan, financiers Henry Craven and Ronald Perelman and even ... A lot of women! For example, Sharon Stone, who has just appeared in the male suits at different events. Adapts to the intense rhythm of modern life, look modern, boldly, expensive even after ten or twenty years is the greatest dignity Andrea Campagna.

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