APHERO – The history of the Dutch brand, which was created in 2006, began as an idea of creation of the whole new products made out of leather. In fact leather is represented as a revision of this material, which is used by the designers to sew beautiful and attractive clothes.

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The name of this brand carries such philosophy as well. Aphero is a combination of two names: Aphrodite and Eros, heroes of Greek mythology. Aphrodite is a goddess of love, beautiful and sensual; Eros is a sly seducer and charmer. Thus, Aphero combines beauty, sensuality and charm in its brand. And the leather — soft, breathing and complimenting the wearer’s body — can highlight such qualities in the highest fashion. It can be combined with the expensive lace, fur and zippers as trimmings, and each and every collection includes either shealth dress, leggings, overalls or jackets which fit people wearing them as if they were poured into them. The brand always experiments with exotic leather types, colors and forms, as well as with exclusive furniture, making creative and original designer clothes of high quality. And they promise that they will never stop doing so.
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