The menswear brand 'BALDESSARINI' offers the full-range wardrobe for men, beginning with shoes to the outer clothing. All the items by 'BALDESSARINI' are comfortable and attractive as well as gorgeous, elegant and convincing. Initially, 'BALDESSARINI' was conceived as the brand of classic clothing, but in practice it turned to be absolutely informal.

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It is considered that a man who can afford this clothing is free to choose and may deviate from the formal dress code. Earlier the brand's founder Werner Baldessarini used to be the head designer at 'HUGO BOSS', which in 1993 divided into the youth line 'HUGO' and the premium line 'BALDESSARINI'. In 2003 the latter was acquired by Werner Baldessarini. All the collections by 'BALDESSARINI' are made in Italy, their production involves the luxurious and qualitative fabrics by 'ZEGNA', 'BARBERA' and 'LORO PIANA', also the brand purchases the english an irish materials, for instance, flax, which used to be considered an unkempt material and BALDESSARINI was the first to introduce the flax vogue. He always was for the natural disengagement and against the pomposity; he used to refer to his products as 'ironic lux' and say that even if the fashion is matter of importance, it should be treated with a tint of humour anyway, with a mild irony. In other words, it cannot be taken too seriously. He also said he disliked the high-flown speeches in the presentation of his collections and gave preference to the ordinary people, not models, while shooting for the catalogues.

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