Can a men's shirt be stylish and highly qualitative at the same time? Yes, it can if it's made by the italian brand 'BARBA NAPOLI'. The company was founded in Naples in 1965 by Antonio Barba and initially it used to work exclusively with the narrow circle of the italian elite, but soon the brand's fame spread all over Europe.

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The secret of success of the shirts by 'BARBA NAPOLI' lies in the masterful cut, attention to details and the fabric selection. The pearlies attached by the use of the crow's foot stitch, the handwrought buttonholes, the matched patterns along all the seams –these are the features of the premium men's shirt of neapolitan cut. After the years of creative search, due its experience and sense of style, 'BARBA NAPOLI' managed to invent its own culture and code of the shirt production and wearing, and became, though elitist, but a world-renowned brand. The top quality of the materials and the handwork craftsmanship are the brand's signatures and its trademark. There is such a well-known italian saying: 'the work is made well if it's made well from the first', and 'BARBA NAPOLI' likes this too. Apart from the shirts the brand offers the full-range assortment of menswear and the customer can create a total look if he wants to.

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