When the italian quality and design meet the british style, the result exceeds all expectations. The shoe brand ‘ BARRETT’ was established in italy by a british man, the owner of a leather manufactory John Barrett. Nowadays both the british and the italian conservatives disclaim any other shoe design but the classic one by ‘BARRETT’, while the fashionistas give their preference to the brand’s moccasins and sneakers.

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Each pair by ‘BARRETT’ is a ‘masterpiece in motion’ and an indispensable attribute of the true gentleman’s wardrobe. The unrivalled advantage of the brand’s items is the hallmark handiwork in combination with the latest technologies and the best materials. Every single pair by ‘BARRETT’ is unique; it keeps the warmth of human hands, though its production involves the know-how as well. The respected brand has in store more than 80 types of shoe lasts and more than 3500 designs, from the classic models to the seasonal and vintage ones. The items by ‘BARRETT’ not only gently indicate the status of their owner, but also grant him the feeling of uniqueness, exclusivity and exceptionality.

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