BeauFort London is the unique British perfumery. It is not just some alternative brand of the XXI century, it is a quintessence of the "dark" perfumery. The brand's creator is Leo Crabtree - writer and musician, the drummer of The Prodigy, he prefers to live in the shadow but is obviously obsessed with the dark period of the British history and maritime topic.

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Leo was born in the family of artists, and his first house was a small ship on the Thames. "The sea, traditions, superstitions and such lifestyle literally saturated me. The name "BeauFort London" (the derivative of the name of wind speed scale dated by 1805) is a kind of borders where we can know ourselves: the wind is a constant but in the end, it's treacherous and potentially destructive", this is how Leo speaks of his brand. He has embodied his ideas in several perfumes which do more than accentuate individuality - they are capable of shocking the audience. Be ready for the question from those around you: "What is the perfume you have?" Ships on fire, salty sea water, gunpowder and a powerful dynamics... Such a hot cocktail allows nobody to stay indifferent!

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