An Italian brand BERWICH creates perfect trousers for men. The brand founders, Michele and Anna Berwich, convince men since 1975 that this exact piece of clothing has to play a key role in a good look for a man. They made BERWICH a basic clothing which can replace dress, sports trousers or even jeans.

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All the items are made exceptionally in Italy of natural superior fabrics; each pair passes not less than 180 tests. Each stage of the sewing process is under control but the core techniques are the same: a plenty of attention is put on the length of inseam and outseam, the width of a trouser leg, the lining, the waistband. Vivid colorful models will look perfectly combined with a T-shirt, a white shirt, and sneakers; it's noteworthy that the brand keeps not only to black and white, strips, and checkwork but also uses floral prints, for example. Dress trousers, though, are the perfect option for a cold season. Combined with a shirt and a coat these good old models will make you look respectable even without a jacket and a tie.

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