Like many italian brands BILANCIONI started as a family business - it was founded by the brothers Umberto and Elio Bilancioni in 1953. The foundation of the brand was knitwear - the owners were choosing the materials very carefully, especially the yarn; controlling the quality of product and the professionalism of the employees.

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Many years of experience and professional qualities helpd Bilancioni to reach the top of the luxe knitwear market. The brand has three lines : BILANCIONI, BY BILANCIONI and BILANCIONI high collection. The fashion house uses only the best materials - cashmere, silk, linen. Soft silhouettes, neat designs, italian style are highly appreciated by the classics lovers. The philosophy of the brand is based on the beauty, traditions and modernism, luxe in the everyday life. BILANCIONI'S creative director is Alfredo Magliola. He works in the company since 2009 and before that he used to work at VALENTINO for almost 20 years.

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