The BRIONI brand began in the end of 1945 in Rome - two italian tailors Nazareno Fontikoli and Gaetano Savini decided to open a menswear store, calling the brand after the popular resort on the adriatic. BRIONI has become the first brand, the collection of which man were presenting. After the second world war, people wanted to come back to attributes of luxury and beautiful life, and a new style - Dolce Vita – was introduced by BRIONI brand.

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The brand partner Dzhovanbattiste Giorgini in 1951 organized the first show for the american press, since that time the brand has entered the international market. America was fascinated by the graceful silhouettes, perfect cut, silk, tuxedos and bright colors. Due to the rapid development of the art and television, the BRIONI brand designers had a lot of work - tv stars also had to dress luxuriously. Today, BRIONI creates its own style that, following the latest trends, still reflects its uniqueness. BRIONI brand produces shoes, men's and women's collections; shoes are made from the finest italian leather. Produced clothes have different severity lines with the prevalence of classic styles; stylish accessories are always appropriate and talk about personality and high status of its owner. BRIONI became popular after the "James Bond" movie - it turned out that Pierce Brosnan wears BRIONI not only in the movies, but also in his social life. Nicolas Sarkozy, Henry Ford, Kofi Annan, Vladimir Putin, Boris Nemtsov, Dmitry Medvedev, actors Clark Gable, Rock Hudson, Michael Douglas, and Luciano Pavarotti, Pele, Tiger Woods and many other public figures prefer BRIONI brand.

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