It's hard to call BRUNELLO CUCINELLI just a brand or a company — it has its own philosophy written into a separate treatise. Among its principles are the spiritual and physical beauty, humanist attitude towards the world and ecology, the common good, an ethical labor. It's a true concept creating a beauty and working for the good of the people.

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BRUNELLO CUCINELLI brand's identity is the collections made of the finest cashmere. Actually, Brunello Cucinelli made a cashmere a four-seasons material as all the collections are distinguished by the perfect ratio of comfort and lightness. Even multilayer options do not annoy at all not to mention any inconvenience, as for the outdoor wear — it looks nothing like equipping for a harsh winter. Brunello Cucinelli was born in 1953 in an Italian province. Initially, he had owned a small hosiery but since the 80's he was extending on the markets of Europe and the USA. The head office and the manufactory itself are located in a refurbished castle in Umbria. The castle is pictured on the brand's logo too. The materials for collections are supplied from historically cashmere regions — Tibet, Mongolia, China and the Gobi Desert. All the products are exceptionally handmade as something special can be created only by hands. At present days this Italian brand is rightfully called «the king of cashmere». The collections are never insipid — they are elegant in their simplicity and all-sufficient, all the items can be combined together into sets. In keeping with the brand's traditions, the colors are calm and elegant: there aren't any sharp details, lines or garish colors. The basic colors are — white, brown, beige, powdery, mint, blue, they remind the tones of nature. BRUNELLO CUCINELLI is an enduring value as the cashmere. The brand has its own identity, style suiting any occasion, visibility. However, apart from that, it aims for continuous renewal — staying up-to-date and demonstrating «conservativeless aristocraticism».

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