CANADA GOOSE is, without any exaggeration, the leading brand of outer clothing designed for the coldest time of the year. Their jackets are considered to be the best in the world since they are adapted to the most harsh weather conditions, be it frost, strong wind, snowfall or humidity.

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They were used in hundreds of polar expeditions or film making, they were and still are worn by sportsmen, polar explorers, mountaneers and even political elites — Bill Clinton, Nicolas Sarkozy, Vladimir Putin. The technology of CANADA GOOSE manufacture is patented, which makes the brand so unique. Moreover, each model contains a bag where you can put your jacket and use it as some sort of pillow — those who constantly travel or on expeditions will, undoubtedly, find this feature useful. Flawless quality tested by years, modern design, universality down to the smallest details, easy in wearing and brand’s prestigious reputation — these qualities appeal to many celebrities who wear jackets and parkas with brand’s famous blue and red logo on the sleeve in public. Hilary Duff, Elizabeth Olsen, Daniel Radcliffe, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Nicholas Cage, Morgan Freeman — all of them prefer CANADA GOOSE when it gets cold.
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