Unique Italian brand offers not just men suits but it offers a valuable thing which will never be out of fashion and that will retain the highest quality even after long periods of usage. Each suit by CESARE ATTOLINI gives unique feelings — you feel as if you are wearing the second skin, something weightless, comfortable in any situation. It is considered the best brand among those who choose to be modern and stylish, it is chosen by Dmitry Medvedev, dynasties of Al Tani sheikhs, a billionaire Frank Fertitta.

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CESARE ATTOLINI is one of the five left sartorias of Italy, they consider that the main value of tailor’s work is inside the suit. It takes no less than 30 hours bespoke; each is made without any glue only with the help of threads. Layers are connected by the back cloth made from horse hair. Due to this technologies suits fit ideally. Every year brand produces a limited number, if the production is 70% handmade it cannot be massive.
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