Chantal Tomass is the only female couturier, designing lingerie. The products by ‘CHANTAL TOMASS’ stand for sensuality and femininity in its absolute sense, it is something hidden that always tends to come through. Temptation and seduction by Chantal Tomass imply playfulness and lightness; it is the secret for two, and the women, wearing this lingerie, understand it perfectly.

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Chantal’s first experience in production of clothing was the youth line, but in the mid-70’s she launched her first collection of lingerie radically different from the models of those times. In the era of minimalism and feminism Chantal Tomass managed to rehabilitate brassiere, guêpier, corset, bustier and garter belt. The bold style by 'CHANTAL TOMASS’ became firmly established in 1981, when appeared the brand’s logo – the famous black silhouette as if cut out of the black paper. Later on, besides the lingerie and tights, the brand started the production of swimsuits, interior décor, accessories and perfumery. The exquisite sets by ‘CHANTAL TOMASS’ remain the standard of the ultra-feminine lingerie and sensuality for many designers. The woman in the brand’s interpretation is sensitive and considerate, extremely sexy, refined and original.

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