The french brand of world reputation has been producing the elite lingerie for nearly 140 years, which is highly appreciated by those women who care about the perfect fit, the top quality and the exquisite design. The elegant and rather moderate style by ‘CHANTELLE’ is distinct for finesse, elegance and always up-to-date. This lingerie affords pleasure and weightless comfort for the whole day.

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The brand doesn’t follow the vagaries of fashion, but bet on the timeless values: luxury, the fine textures, the quality of the fabrics and sensual colours of the sets. Every item is a piece of clothing and at the same time is a fashionable seductive accessory, which incorporates the life of its owner, who wants to emphasize her uniqueness. All the production, from design to package, is based in France. The brand keeps in secret its technologies and skill that pass from master to master for more than a century. The woman by ‘CHANTELLE’ is sure of herself and her blameless style regardless of the season, and makes the best use of the impalpable sparkle called charm. ‘CHANTELLE’ is the renowed expert in the production of lingerie, which exalts and glorifies the woman’s natural beauty. This is the brand that fully appreciates you.

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