The Spanish brand CHARO RUIZ IBIZA creates soft, romantic, feminine collections. Designer Charo Ruiz was born in Seville in the family of tailors, where she used to develop her artistic talent and ability to feel textures and fabrics since her childhood.

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She opened her atelier and her first showroom on the Ibiza island. The main thing that takes place in the process of collection creation is improvisation — independent, original designs attract attention. The dominant features are transparent materials, assymetry, open shoulders — elements needed when you are in a hot island. Models made out of clean cold cotton with the addition of laces and guipures reflect Charo Ruiz’s iconic style and pattern. Uncommon coating and Bohemian feeling of the clothes that are strictly hand-made show the brand’s philosophy — the main thing is, and will be, freedom. CHARO RUIZ IBIZA is the perfect choice if you are going for the light, elegant summer look.
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