The history of the brand has started long ago – in 1945 Gaby Aghion, who had moved from Egypt to Paris, sold out several dresses sewn on her own to Christian Dior himself. Being inspired by this success, she opened a small atelier and gave it the name of one of her friends and colleagues – CHLOÉ. Subsequently, the atelier turned into a fashion house.

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In 1956 there took place the first fashion show by CHLOÉ, featuring the collection of the airy dresses for sophisticated ladies. Yet the further collections by CHLOÉ hadn't been united by the unique recognisable style until Carl Lagerfeld became the brand's head in the 60's. Within the five years under his guidance 'CHLOÉ' acquired the status of a real fashion empire. In the 70's in Paris there opened the first boutique by 'CHLOÉ', which immediately became popular among the vip: Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Maria Callas, Grace Kelly used to dress there. But in 1983 Carl Lagerfeld left 'CHLOÉ' and this event set in the dreary decade in the brand's history: no sensational fashion shows, no successful collections. Only with the coming of Stella Mccartney in 1995 there showed up the first signs of visible progress. The first fashion show of Stella Mccartney's collection for 'CHLOÉ' was marked by the appearance of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. The style of 'CHLOÉ' was congenial to Stella herself, therefore she left 'CHLOÉ' no earlier than 2002 due to the launch of her own brand. However, this time 'CHLOÉ' retained its power and vitality. The frequent replacement of the brand's head designers affected the style of 'CHLOÉ'. Only the brand's credo has stood invariable – 'CHLOÉ' has kept faithful to the principles of prestige, quality and parisian chic.

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