COLOMBO – True passion to your job, the ability to work with the lightest yarns and centuries-old Italian traditions of weaving arts – these are the elements that make the core of COLOMBO brand's philosophy. Its full name is Lanificio Luigi Colombo, which means “Luigi Colombo's factory”.

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The company was established by Luigi Colombo in the middle of 20th century. At first, is was a factory that produced fabrics out of valuable types of wool: cashmere, Angora goat’s wool and vicuna’s wool. Nowadays, the assortment of feedstock has increased: it includes camel’s wool, guanaco, baby goats’ fluff, animals’ fur (minks, stoats, chinchillas), all of which is taken without any harm to the animals — thanks to the moulting. Since the ’70s, Luigi, Roberto and Giancarlo sons have been taking care of the family business. It is fair to mention that COLOMBO’s fabrics are used by one of the best brands — Hermes, Armani, Boss, Max Mara, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Fendi. COLOMBO’s own collections of clothes and accessories for men and women are of the same high quality, however. Their style is easy chic, where laconic design highlights the most important feature — high quality of the materials. Womenswear range includes costumes and dresses, blouses and turtlenecks, skirts and pants, cashmere coats and cloaks, and also the lightest knitwears. Menswear range focuses on outerwear — jackets, normal and insulated, coats with fur collars made out of gentle materials and also jumpers, cardigans, turtlenecks, polo, vests and pants. The company is always searching and investing in the development of new methods of material manufaction for the clothes of the highest quality.
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