Cruciani is an Italian brand of hosiery made from natural materials: cotton, wool, cashmere. Aristocratic elegance and high quality are the basics of all men, women and kids collections. The brand is one of the businesses owned by Umbrian family Camprais who apart from the clothes bussiness run the wine production.

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The hosiery has been produced since 1993. Cashmere is the most magnificent material and its quality is so important that the company reserves the wool from the finest sheep from Mongolia. Other materials such as Egyptian long-fibre cotton used for light jumpers and light singlets are carefully chosen as well. Still the brand’s best card has always been wool. Technologists have developed a very subtle way to process and create hosiery fabric — Diamando Rosso. This «red diamond» is made from threads 12 micron thick. Jumper made from this material weighs almost nothing and its texture is like silk or cotton of a very high quality. Along with precious investigations and developments Cruciani is a highly valued brand characterized by perfect image. The fit of the items is very elegant and it can even help you to feel as if you have an upright posture. Sophisticated templates provide smart lines of hosiery, its strictness and the pallete includes classical colors as well as trendy ones.

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