The men’s underwear may be gorgeous as well, as proved by the british brand ‘DEREK ROSE’, which is one of the few that allowed men show their masculinity in the high quality stylish underwear regardless of age and constitution. The brand’s history started in 1926 with the production of underwear, nightwear and homewear for men.

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The main intention of the brand’s founder Lou Rose was to convert the clothes, usually hidden from people’s eyes, into a full value article of premium clothing. On this purpose the brand started purchasing the best materials: cotton and silk from Italy, France and China. In the 50’s Derek Rose joined his father and relaunched the family business under the eponymous name. In 1987 the company received the prestigious queen's award for export achievement. The pyjamas and gowns made of the thick satin with thin or broad stripes turned the brand’s hallmark – exactly this kind of pyjamas wore the main character of ‘the godfather’. The clothes by ‘DEREK ROSE’ are distinct for their unique quality: they are crease-resistant and at any time look like just ironed. The double silk yarn is woven in a particular way, which gives the fabric gloss and intense colour. The second item that made the brand famous is the boxers with flat-fell seams, incredibly comfortable and invisible under clothing. The company counts on the fashionable design and premium fabrics in each collection. Among the brand’s clientele there are Hugh Grant, Tom Cruise, Richard Gere and many others.

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