DIMANEU – Dima Neu, young designer, is creating amazing collections for women. They include silk dresses and hand-made belts, elegant Italian fabrics, “optic illusions” that can make any silhouette more feminine. Their first collection, “White Crow”, as well as its characteristic author's coating and print, was well received by many fashion magazines, including Vogue.

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It is distinguished by its bird prints in the unexpected places, catchy accessories, bold form and construction work where the author’s features are seen the best. There is a certain flavor of anatomy and geometry, sculpture and architecture, futurism and ethnics, that can be seen in Dimaneu’s works. This flavor creates a complex heroine, DIMANEU. She is focused and active, she has a goal in life and she values quality and comfort. She always tries to look her best and be on the center of the attention. DIMANEU brand, which gains following with each day, has everything in order to become iconic Russian brand.
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