This is a legendary brand connected with its creator Donna Karan. Her career started in the end of the 70s and in the beginning of the 80s her first collection appeared. While nobody really knew the name Donna Karan the collections were created under the brand Anna Klein.

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The brand Donna Karan New York (DKNY) appeared in 1984 and immediately had huge success in the USA. It was given the highest appreciation due to it functionality, comfort, special fashion cut and unique style. Donna Karan is famous as an agitator of the formula claiming that we can and should look good every day. She is sure that you can achieve it if you have seven simple things among your clothes which you can combine: a dress, a suit, leggings, a blouse, a leather jacket, trousers and sweater. By the way it was exactly her who created an independent stylistic unit — bodysuit. The DKNY woman values her time but doesn’t give up comfort and beauty. The brand has a lot of lines — knitted wear line, jeans line, perfume line, accessories. It can offer you everything that you need to create women’s modern image where DKNY occupies an important part. These are universal, elegant collections for urban life which accentuate your advantages and hide your drawbacks. Urban esthetics which are typical to DKNY collections are accompanied by sport stylistics and informal femininity.

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