The duet of designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana has won all hearts. It took less than a decade for them to turn a small tailor shop in Milan into the world's fashion empire. Designers say that the formula for success if a combination of Dolce's masterful cutting and Gabbana's dramatic style, it is what has sparked the D&G phenomenon: a compromise, an equilibrium of antipodes which are so typical for an Italian nature.

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The tandem is considered as one of the most stable and popular among celebrities — in D&G «stars look like actual stars». The designers made clothing for dozens of them, an impressive list includes Madonna, David Bowie, Monica Bellucci, Isabella Rossellini, Sting, and Mick Jagger. The first women's collection was released in 1982 — the year of the studio was set up. Further, they created the collections of swimsuits and lingerie, perfumery, accessories and footwear, collections for men as well as watches and products for children. The brand holds the credit for making the style iconic, radiating sex appeal, challenge, luxury, and dare. It's no coincidence that the designers' muse is Monica Bellucci — a personification of this features. Another source of inspiration is a Sicily theme — a color as black as a Sicilian widows' dresses, the baroque, and quotes from Italian movies. Italians are joking that they have now Dolce and Gabbana instead of Fellini, Pazolini, and Viskonti: each collection is a new exciting tale, a colorful show and a revel of ideas, and sometimes — a challenge to conventions. In men's collections, they put the accent on quality, unafraid of colors and shape. An average man wearing D&G suit looks like he works out day round. During the last several years the brand is turning to the youth, and from one year to the next proves that all the products are brilliantly provocative. Domenico and Stefano stay loyal to their favorites: the black color, grotesque, an edge, and eclecticism.

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