Brand DOMREBEL was founded in Montreal in 2003 by two designers Justin Svatina and Don Nguyen. The name hides the Latin phrase Dominus Rebellis which is translated as rebellious master and the slogan of the company is «Freedom of thought is the reason for free spirit».

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This slogan reflects the main concept of the brand. This is a kind of clothes intended for independent, creative and free people who don’t depend on other people’s opinions and stereotypes. They are always good looking, stylish, are ready to become provocative, to be not a part of the crowd. The DOMREBEL iconic elements are graphical pics, prints on T-shirts, wife beaters, hoodies which can be found on comfortable urban clothes made from 100% cotton. The brand has lines for women, men and children. Prints are applied handmade which eliminates any possibilities of their abrasion or deforming. Each item is unique, and this uniqueness is sustained by the production of limited collections. «Personal style and individuality are the two main things», — says Justin Svatina. His opinion is shared by many fans of the brand — celebreties such as Guns’N’Roses, U2, Elton John, Rihanna, Jamie Foxxю The idea of creating limited edition incredible things is exactly the concept and main idea of DOMREBEL.

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