The american designer Diane Von Furstenberg is the inventor of the wrap dress, which was introduced by her in 1973 and re-released in the end of the 90's. This dress was distinct for its specific silhouette favourable for every figure – the hourglass silhouette; it had no fasteners – so that it was easy to put it on and to take it off; it was crease-proof and suitable for every occasion, and it was distinguished by the brilliant prints among other brands.

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The wrap dress became a good alternative to the conservative suits worn by the business women of those times. Diane Von Furstenberg tried to help women to look better, to feel better and to be more confident. In the end of the 90's her eponymous brand was given a rebirth with a new version of the iconic wrap dress. The dresses became shorter, their collars – smaller, the fabrics also underwent some changes: the cotton jersey was substituted for the silk jersey, which Diane had worked out on her own in China. The silk jersey is slimming and cooling, the low neck displays the breast, so that the dress by Diane Von Furstenberg works a miracle: it transforms its owner and her disposition. The style by 'DIANE VON FURSTENBERG' is alien to any vulgarity, it stands for pure beauty, femininity and dignity.

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