The Enrico Mandelli company is proud of its century history. Enrico Mandelli started its business in the beginning of the XX century as a supplier of the leather goods and in 1925 his son Paolo displayed a keen interest in design and was the first to introduce the leather jackets for bikers. Thus, the Mandelli family launched the production of the modern men's jackets and earned its reputation.

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In the 60's an the 70's the production reached the peak quality in manufacturing of the exquisite sportswear. The production involved the excellently processed leather, the wool of vicuna, cashmere and natural fur. The business was so successful that in subsequent years 'ENRICO MANDELLI SPA' was considered the best manufacturer of outerwear in Italy. In the end of the 80's the brand signed the contracts on production of all the leather lines with Franco Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana. Nowadays the brand keeps its position among the leading world companies-producers of the outerwear and fur goods for men and women. The brand remains faithful to its credo – 'Knowledge, Craftsmanship and Creativity' – and carefully pursues all the technological procedures in order to achieve the excellent results in quality and design. It is undisputable fact that 'ENRICO MANDELLI SPA' is the only company in the world, which managed to process the finest thin leather from crocodile skin and now has been producing the rare exclusive articles of it. Traditionally, this brand is favoured by the most demanding and well-to-do clientele, who bet on the quality and attractiveness of the leather goods.

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