The brand was established by Irene Leroux in 1968. The designer made a supposition that women would need swimming suits not only in summer but all eyebrows round. It was the reason to create a cruise collection of swimming suits which comprised all the tendencies of the actual fashion of that time.

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The revolutionary innovation offered by Irene was that she began to sell upper and bottom parts of the swimming suits separately. In 1998 the brand expanded the product line and started creating elegant collections of the underwear. The brand has always been distinguished by accurate fit and simple design. Swimming suits sculpture woman’s body. They make it look slimmer due to special design without using bra letters while the fabric is like the second skin. The collection of the underwear gives a woman maximum comfort and makes her sexual. All types of fabric have tender colors, these are gorgeous types of fabric: special underwear jersey, subtle lace with geometric netting, gorgeous lace lingerie. The new concept of the brand has become not only the new style but the new philosophy — the body now is the object of the art. Since the foundation and till now the brand has always been a synonym to luxury and high fashion due to the modern style, innovative fabrics and the highest quality of the production. Since 1996 it has become the part of Chanel which of course gives a lot of opportunities for development

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