The italian born Ermano Scervino is known as 'The king of sportswear', he always kept faithful to the functional and universal style. In the 70's Ermano opened a number of the clothing shops and the accessories boutiques. In 1985 he designed his first collection of women’s accessories, in which he mixed the anglo-saxon traditions and the diverse ethnic motifs. Collection included bags, belts and footwear.

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In 1990 Ermano Scervino started designing his own menswear and womenswear collections, and in 1997 registered his own trade mark. Due to the well-honed skills, perfect sense of form and his bent for the luxury and chic Ermano Scervino won the international fame and became a trendsetter in the world of fashion. The brand comprises menswear and womenswear lines, footwear, lingerie, swimwear and girls fashion clothing. Despite the brand's 'sporty' past, the womenswear by Ermano Scervino is exquisite, sensual and luxurious. The products of the brand are commonly associated with the best fabrics, the irreproachable cut and the latest technologies in tailoring and production.

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