The corner of Italian brand ETRO is a special project called AVENUE VIP. It represents flawless style, elegant design, and timeless quality. The brand has two important peculiarities: despite the intricate prints, all the parts of collections can be easily combined together. The second peculiarity is that all the collections are almost timeless. Each of them can stay modern for decades and the accessories are passed from generation to generation.

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«To admit the joy in your life you should add some color», this phrase fully identifies the brand which has passed the 50-years milestone in 2017. The story of ETRO had started at the end of 60's with the manufacturing of textile, and paisley became so popular that you can see clothes and fabrics with this ornament in basically each season. Currently, the company is run by five family members: Girolamo himself and his four children - Veronica, Keane, Jacopo, and Ippolito. The brand's timeline is: the textile was at the beginning, later on, accessories and perfumery appeared, and only then they started to produce clothes and footwear: in 1966 it was the first time when ETRO took part in Milan Fashion Week. All their outside-the-box thinking Veronica and Keane managed to express in the clothing. Surprising color compositions and combinations of prints, intense tones, straight and angled lines, pop-art and ethnic patterns, embroidery, appliques and patchwork — such a diversity seems too concentrated but it has nothing to do with ETRO. Paisley turned out to be perfect for home decor too, it creates a special atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, and bliss. «Print is our territory, and I like it», says Veronica Etro, «Even during the 90's when the minimalism was trending we were in keeping with our lead. People identify our brand by the paisley ornament, it stands high!» ETRO creates the unique fashion, its lifecycle is much longer than some passing trend. It holds fifty-years long experience, the finest quality, world's cultural traditions, and astonishing beauty. It represents an elegant intelligent style with a lambent humor, each detail is made as if it was designed for one of Etro family members.

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