FAITH CONNEXION – The history of this brand is unothrodox: its name came to French designer Ilan Delouis – enthusiast, optimist and romantic – in his dream. Bold and eclectic collections, the ideas of which came to Ilan while he was meditating, have quickly attracted the attention of fashion public.

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Combinations of brutality, knights and Rock ’n’ Roll symbols, unusual décor have created unique mix that allowed Delouis to make a statement. Soon after that, Christophe Bosc, after working 10 years in Valentino, joined Ilan. Such tandem of experience and innovation has led to the situation where women’ and men’ collections were sold out literally right after announcement. This brand often uses black color, provoking prints of reptiles and generally works on contrasts: mixes harsh leather texture with softness of the silk, uses joyful colors, juicy prints, recognisable designs and amusing decorations. Maxi dresses and shirts, short dresses, rich drapery, original décor — all of this attracted people with free spirits and style sense. Faith Connexion also works with artists-graffitists, works of which are transported into jackets, parkas, pants... The brand’s whole aesthetics is shown through such art: freedom of expression, freedom from stereotypes. Some of the fans of such brand are Madonna, Leny Kravitz, James Blunt, Alicia Keys and other celebrities.
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