The faultless german quality in everything, beginning with the materials to the stitch lines, is the hallmark of the underwear brand ‘FALKE’, whose history spans 120 years. The german knitter Franz Falke-Rohen started his business with opening of the hosiery manufacture. Later on his son Franz purchased the Carl Meisenburg’s yarn-spinning mill and started the long history of ‘FALKE’.

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These days the company is run by the 4th generation of the family, the founder’s great-grandchildren. The family business grew stronger in the beginning of the 90’s, when there appeared the first shop by ‘FALKE’, and within 13 years the entire assortment of hosiery, sportswear and underwear by ‘FALKE’ was presented all over the world. These days the brand offers the premium articles for men, women and children: socks, stockings, lingerie, men’s pullovers – all made of the top quality materials, such as cotton, wool, silk and cashmere, whose combinations afford comfort and the feel of softness and airiness. Moreover, the company produces the thermal underwear and sportswear. Several times the brand was awarded prizes for design and the production of the green goods. The excellent materials, the innovation technologies, the emphasis on functionality and comfort converted ‘FALKE’ into the leader of the premium lingerie market. The century-long traditions in combination with the german pragmatic approach assure the blameless reputation of ‘FALKE’. The brand’s womenswear is worthy of special mention: it is exquisite, sensual and gorgeous. “FALKE’ is associated with the best fabrics, perfect cut and the latest innovation technologies.

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