«If I wear furs, I wear them from Fendi», as Sharon Stone used to say while hiding her pajamas under the famous fur coat. However today Fendi, almost a century-old brand, isn't associated only with leather and fur anymore. This is a multi-brand which succeeds in making anything exclusive — furs, overcoats, collections for men, children and women, perfume, interiors, cultural events.

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Fendi style was always not just a fashion statement, but a cultural code and a national treasure of Italy, Europe, the world. It is impossible to confuse with any other brand — on the one hand, it is closely tied to traditions, on the other hand, together with Karl Lagerfeld it provides a bold view to modern and future fashion. It was Lagerfeld who proposed to use incrustations, toning, and embroidery on fur and entirely changed fashion's view on leather and fur coats by making them light and soft. As of today, the collaboration with the maestro lasts for more than half a century. Even though the brand is ninety years old, it constantly renovates, moves forward and stays very modern. Fendi sisters and Karl Lagerfeld keep surprising the world by making something special, and they have no equal in the quality. Not long ago the fashion house launched a new concept for young people — F is For Fendi, and also a mobile application. When the creators were asked, «What Russian word would describe the concept better», the answer was «Fantasy» (Фантазия).

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