Gianfranco Ferre is one of those extremely significant names which turned Milan into the center of the world's fashion. The peak of this phenomenon was in the eighties and the nineties. The special thing about Ferre's art is so-called architectural style: utility, precise lines, no unnecessary details, all emphasized with expressive color and texture of the materials. In particular, Ferre Furs, one of the most successful lines of the brand, uses furs for these purposes.

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Everything is manufactured by Italian factory Mondialpelli. Gianfranco Ferre furs combines the highest technologies of fur manufacturing, the finest tailoring, and, as it has always been at Ferre's, clean lines in design and attention to details. Despite the difference in Ferre's and Mondialpelli's approaches to fur, the trade-off is always more than successful. The designer's genius and the experience of fur professionals changed the very essence of fur — it became a kind of innovative material as it never been before. The perfect Gianfranco Ferre furs coats became recognized icons of quality as well as respectable aristocratic style. However, they don't have anything that would show too much size or age — only style and luxury in every detail.

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