The brand of the exclusive beachwear and swimwear was founded by an italian Cristina Ferrari in the beginning of the 90's. At that time this line in fashion was considered minor. In this respect the brand's approach was revolutionary – ‘FISICO’ presented the full-fledged pret-a-porter and haute couture collections for the seaside leisure.

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Ferrari treated the beach wardrobe not as purely the functional articles for the active recreation, but as the complete apparel for public appearance, because the beach could be perfectly suitable for demonstration of luxury. The innovation by 'FISICO' was the use of the specific technology, improving the quality and the appearance of the fabrics, which are in constant contact with the sea water. The collections by 'FISICO' dazzle with the sexy bright bikini, the asymmetric one-piece swimsuits, comfortable reversible models and gorgeous walking dresses. The items are richly decorated with all sorts of details, ruffles, buckles, prints, rhinestones, metal chains, sequins and even swarovski crystals. The brand's arsenal comprises pareos, t-shirts, feminine evening dresses, clutches with precious finish – actually, everything for the swell parties at the on the coast.

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