The british brand ‘FOREVER UNIQUE’ created a new concept of the evening garments that are modern, gorgeous, fresh in style, well-elaborated and not making their owners look older. Any attire by the brand, whether it is a long dress generous in amounts of the fabrics used or a minimalist and plain one, all of them convey the idea of glamour and individuality.

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What helps the brand to preserve its own authentic character? It's the trademark fabrics, very fine or flowing, romantic drapery and necklines, cheerful colour scheme, precious materials and handmade lace; the exquisite accessories and details, and the designer's original solutions, which make the waist look slimmer, the bust – higher and the hips – more curvy. Dressed in ‘FOREVER UNIQUE’, one can hardly meet the double. The brand also produces a line of swimwear: the one-piece swimsuits and bikinis, airy tunics and pareos waving in the wind that are ready for mixing and creating new looks. This british brand has been firmly taking its significant position among the new generation of designers specializing in the 'evening' fashion.

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