The brand Frankie Morello appeared in the end of 90s thanks to the tandem of two designers Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti It is interesting to mention that Frankie was initially the name of puppy and as for the name «Morello» it was a name of the New York mafia gang. In the beginning the brand was intented to me a man’s one.

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First collections were created for an imaginary character — a boxer from the 50s. Ironic mood proliferated the clothes and from the very beginning it has been a non-standard mixture of different styles, facturesand even epochs. «We wanted to express our easy attitude towards the fashion and to avoid overconceptualization» — the designers said. Each item was handmade and it gave big possibilities for improvisation. First collections were such convincing that the brand had to stop bespoke production but it didn’t influence the quality anyway. Modern concept of Frankie Morello is the game involving street fashion, fresh and brave color and texture combinations and stylish deliberate slipshod manner. Leaving stereotypes aside, full freedom of self expression, self irony, improvisation — these are the key concepts of the brand created for bright, outstanding and self conscious people. Apart from the men’s line they produce collections for women, children as well as accessories.

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