The brand of the superior underwear and swim suits appeared in the end of the 90s. Designers Gianantonio A. Paladini and Alba Rosa Ceccatelli inherited the family business of Giani’s parents which was an exclusive tailor’s shop for expensive underwear. Famous celebrity Maria Callas used to be one of their clients.

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New designers had a big challenge — they were to be at the same level as their parents but at the same time they had to keep up with the time. They had to be able to present modern and stylish ladies luxury and comfortable underwear that is the question to be the most tactful when discussed. The concept of the brand — «graceful magnificence for every day»: classical traditions of Italian style taking advantage of the most innovative design. It is not a secret that each woman is extremely passionate and careful when choosing the underwear because they want to have the best materials, the best design which should be the best and only the best. Collections include everyday models, exclusive models for special events, home wear collections, clothes for relaxation, stylish swim suits. All these clothes give women consciousness and make women feel attractive.

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