Italian brand founded by designers Francesca and Alessandro Gallo in 2000. It has become famous for its sport shoes — sneakers and training shoes with a special feature — vintage effect as well as boots and shoes in western style. Trainers decorated with a company logo in the form of star have become an iconic model and a landmark of the brand.

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All models are produced by Italian maestros. To make the aged effect the sole of the shoes is waxed and rubbed. The effect is unique every time and is never repeated. Apart from the sport shoes GOLDEN GOOSE produces ankle bootsб Derby shoes, sandals and other models. In January 2017 special shoes to honor David Bowie were produced. Sport shick, boho style, street fashion, grunge, vintage, smart casual — all these style are inside the DNA of the brand being adored by fans all over the world. Designers are inspired by the esthetics of the vintage and jumble markets as well as Italian leather traditions: in spite of the fact they are not understood by everybody, still you can’t but admire this duet who has taken a risk and created something special

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