GRAN SASSO – This Italian brand creates premium class knitwear and has been known since 1952. After several decades it became a symbol of the highest, most exclusive quality acknowledged by the international communities. Which is not surprising, considering quality being the key policy of this company. It can be seen in every detail, starting from accessories and ending with technological equipment, from yarn to the last sentence on the label.

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Gran Sasso focuses on two seasons: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. For the Spring/Summer collections natural silk, cotton, linen, viscose and mixed fibers are used. Fall/Winter collections are made out of sorts of wool: merino’s, cashmere, alpaca’s, vicuna’s. All products follow high standarts: they are soft and comfortable and save their proportions and colors. «Quality in the fashion» is the motto of Gran Sasso, which they have been following since the first days of brand.
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