The fashionable italian brand called ‘HIGH’ is the creation of the famous designer Claire Campbell. Being basically casual, the brand offers its own fresh interpretations: uses non-standard solutions and combinations, original accessories and refined decor. The exquisite design by ‘HIGH’ is constantly backed with doubtless quality, comfort and functionality.

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The brand may justly be considered the new classic: practical, but at the same time incredibly attractive and charismatic. Every item by ‘HIGH’ enters the daily wardrobe and becomes its essence, a style-forming element and the indispensable constituent of the modern everyday look. But beauty is never sacrificed to functionality. The finishing mostly performed manually, the materials used are exclusively of natural origin and excellent quality, plus, the designer’s original cut and accents. All this put together appeals to the customers the up-to-date and active townswomen, who want to express their individuality and emphasize their elegance without affecting the quality and comfort.

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