This italian brand was established in 1986 by the famous shoemaking company ‘TOD'S’. Initially, ‘HOGAN’ was considered to be a single-purpose project specialising in production of the footwear for cricket players, however soon the brand turned versatile. By the end of the 90’s ‘HOGAN’ had been producing the casual sneakers, which became iconic and radically changed the conventional view on the sportswear. Later on the brand launched the line of bags and women’s footwear.

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The brand’s highlight was in 2009, when ‘HOGAN’ won the world with its new collection of extraordinary bags named 'Hippie logo’ and launched its own line of glasses. For several seasons the collections of capsule wardrobe were designed for ‘HOGAN’ by Carl Lagerfeld. Among the brand’s loyals there are Jessica Alba, Rachel Weisz and Kate Moss and the brand’s menswear is represented by the british actor co-starred in “Match point’ Matthew Goode, who appreciates the brand’s ‘comfortable elegance’. Nowadays, being a successful brand, ‘HOGAN’ keeps on producing men’s, women’s, children’s footwear and accessories, as well as equally actual and demanded collections of clothing.

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