The perfume brand appeared due to the friendship of two virtuosos — Italian perfumer and oud producer from Jakarta who prefer to stay incognito. Together they are creating real perfume masterpieces — original having no analogues, bright and gorgeous perfects aromas which touch the furthest strings of the soul and illuminate every person wearing the fragrance. They suit both men and women and are subdivided into two main lines: «Clam’s gardens» and «One day in desert».

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Compositions of the brand are created in accordance to traditional technologies of oil distillation making compositions from it using valuable perfume ingredients. Company follows a unique process of infusion and maceration «in the tree itself» — that is the way they get unique, precious aromas. The package is worth mentioning either which has perfect design. Each THE HOUSE OF OUD bottle is painted by hand and is unique. To emphasize uniqueness of the aromas special design has been created — «Ink and paint».
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