The history of HUGO BOSS brand is not typical: Hugo Boss, who was born in Germany, was producing worker coveralls, raincoats, protective clothes, and uniforms for soldiers during 1920s. During the second world war he was creating uniforms for the soldiers of the ‘Hitler’ Germany. However, the first suit, that had made Hugo famous, was produced in 1954, after his death.

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In 1979, Hugo’s grandsons – Uve and Jokhan holly were running the business. They have decided to remain their grandparent name for the brand; what had a positive effect on the company, as it was reflecting established reputation, as well as the name was easy to read and remember. Today, HUGO BOSS is one of the most influential companies in the fashion industry. The brand performs a classical character. There are several ‘directions’ of HUGO BOSS design: BLACK LABEL, ORANGE LABEL, GREEN LABLE, HUGO, BALDESSARINI, BOSS WOMAN, SELECTION. All of these brands reflect success, power, belongingness to high social class, and are produced for active and confident achievers with their own style.

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