HUITIEME ART – Started as a niche perfume brand in the end of '00s, it quickly gained critical acclaim from critics and genuine perfume enthusiasts. People often call the creator of Huitieme Art Parfums Pierre Guillamaut “genius perfumer of modern day”. He treats art of perfume with enormous care, calling it “the Eighth Art” (the Seven Arts being Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Music, Poetry, Dance, Performing).

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The interesting feature of Huitieme Art aromas is that they do not include traditional perfume pyramid, rather the accent is made on the harmony between two or three groups of ingredients which compliments each other without any mixing or interruption. These aromas consist of strictly natural ingredients, most of which are very rare and expensive. Pierre Guillaume Croisiere Collection is the cruise collection of Pierre Guillamaut. Despite its name, the collection is not a season one and is limited. Aromas of this collection are dedicated to cruises, exotic parts of our planet, relaxing, parties and carefree life. They can cheer anyone up, even on bad days. For example, Mojito Chypre is the aroma dedicated to parties on Taiti: bright and flirty strawberry mojito; and Jangala is the aroma of a hot tropic forest after the rain.
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