The tandem of designers Ines Baerch and Alan Marechal is among the top 20 most in the world specializing on fur, leather and sheepskin. «Fashion is the question of proportions» — this is the main principle of Ines Baerch which they follow so easily even with such «naughty» materials as leather, fur or hosiery.

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Alan Marechal, the second partner, is an acknowledged fur expert whose studio has been producing fur collections since 70s for such brands as Dior, Saint Laurent и Lanvin. Responsibilities are strictly divided — Ines is in charge of design, Alan turns it in reality. Together they have achieved impressive results — they have managed to bring revolution into traditional fur production consciously making the accent not on the status or expensiveness of the furs, but promoting modern design. Clients choose the brand not only for exclusiveness but for its novelty. All items of Inès & Maréchal are created in Paris studio following traditional technologies. Famous landmark of the brand is combining of the fur and leather for having thinner and more elegant silhouette. Technology of knitted fur is often used and it allows making the item weigh less and have less volume, makes the clothes more airy. Inès & Maréchal is the highest technological level of fur processing, subtle production processes, clear lines with big attention to details.

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